World Malayalee Council

The World Malayalee Council was formed on 3rd July 1995 at the first ever World Convention of Non Resident Malayalees in New Jersy with an aim to bolster the cultural, artistic and social uniqueness and give resilience at challenging times for the Malayalees around the world. The eventful gathering got some of the finest Malayalees ever under one roof to discuss about an organization that will connect every one for a larger cause. Amidst Mr. TN Seshan and KPP Nambiar we had leaders like Andrew Pappachen, Alex Vilanilam Koshy, Dr George Jacob, Varghese Thekkekkara, John Panikker, AKB Pillai, Dr D Babu Paul, ECG Sudarsan and Dr Sridhar Kavil. It was a gathering of Titans and the organization indeed grew to its amazing potential.  

WMC is today a non-sectarian, non-political community organization which provides a global connectivity fostering friendship and fellowship among Malayalees worldwide while providing several platforms under its umbrella.


The main objective of WMC is to provide a non-political forum to bring together the widely scattered community of people of Malayalee/Kerala origin and strengthen the common bonds of culture, tradition and way of life. The charter of the organization recognizes the revolutionary transformation taking place at global levels as a result of quantum leaps in technology.


WMC is responsive to the needs of the diverse multi-racial geographical milieu in which Malayalees move about. This organization with a global network provide opportunities and capabilities for people of all age group to provide leadership and service to the community they live in and to the motherland Kerala/India. WMC gives special emphasis to the development of the new generation of expatriate Malayalees who feel cultural and social alienation in their adopted country.



WMC has a three-tier organizational structure, a global council, six regional councils, America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East , India and Far East & Australia and local units called Provincial Councils. Membership in WMC is in the provincial councils. Each province serves as the body serving the local Malayalee community.


WMC also has International Forums. The Youth and Women's forums are formed in all provinces, which also has a three tier structure. WMC has formed a chamber of commerce and have registered with the government of India in the name Indian Worldwide Chamber of Commerce. This body will network Malayalee business people and entrepreneurs around the world. It will help Malayalee businesses to enhance their horizon and expand their business activities through mutual cooperation.