Action song

Age Categories that can participate  

  • Sub Junior(4 – 7 Years)  

General Guidelines 

  • Theme: 

  • Choice or selection of theme is open. 

  • Lyrics: 

  • Lyrics can be original or adapted. 

  • Contestants are not allowed to refer to any notes or texts during presentation. 

  • Copies of the lyrics must be submitted to the organizers two weeks prior to the competition. 

  • Lyrics should not touch on sensitive issues such as race, religion, politics, etc 

  • Presentation: 

  • Creativity is encouraged. Nevertheless, movements should not exceed and overwhelm the articulation of the song by the contestants. Miming and prompting is not allowed 

  • Costume: 

  • Participants should wear appropriate costumes in line with the characters they portray 

  • Props:  

  • Participants are free use the Props as they require 

  • Music: 

  • Use of recorded music is allowed  

  • Use of musical instruments is allowed. 

  • The performance must be a continuous melody of songs without any obvious gaps or breaks. 


Submission Guidelines 

  • The participant should verbally mention their event registration ID at the start of the video. (Youtube Instruction Video) 

  • The video should be of good enough quality to view and hear the participant clearly. 

  • The maximum File Size should not exceed 100 MB. 

  • Must not be edited, the entire hand and face should be clearly visible.  

  • The camera must be fixed in one place for shooting the video. 

  • Audio should be clear without any noise 

  • The submitted clips exceeding the time limit will be disqualified without notice and his/her application shall be treated as null and void.  

Duration :-  5 - 6 mins