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General Guidelines 

  • Entries can be of any subject or theme.  

  • Entries must be made by the contestants only. The works aided by some other persons, can be rejected at any stage.  

  • Art work can be made in any medium, like Water Colors, Pastels, Pencils, Acrylic, Crayons or Paper Cuttings, Oil paints, Charcoal , Colour pencil etc. on any type of Paper, Canvas, Canvas sheet 

  • Results & Exhibition of award winning entries (under gallery option) will be published on our website, Social media platforms and mobile applications etc. 



  • Drawing - Any theme like Scenery, Festivals, Market, Animals, Abstract, Still life, Village Scene, etc.  

  • Cartoon - Dragon BallZ, Disney characters, Tom & Jerry etc.  

  • Greeting - Festivals, Occasions, Best Wishes, Birthday, New Year etc.  

  • Canvas painting - Any Theme on Canvas Board / Sheet/ Stretched Canvas Board  

  • Theme based paintings -  Seasons Eg..Monsoon / Winter etc  

  • Judgement Criterion (Need to add judgement criterion) 


Submission Guidelines 

  • Kindly mention your chest No and the category on the bottom rights corner of the painting not exceeding 4cmX 2cm size column 

  • Size of art work: (Drawing/ Cartoon/ Greeting/ Canvas Painting)  

  • Size of Drawing / Cartoon should not be more than 17 inch x 14 inch  

  • Size of Greeting should not be more than 10 inch x 14 inch  

  • Size of Canvas Painting / Theme Based Painting – 18 x16 inch or more 

  • Mention how the files will be converted into digital format. 

  • Mention about the video recording required before uploading the panting