Frequently Asked Questions


How can I register? 


Who can register? 

Anybody from age 4 and above can register 

Age categories?

  • Sub Junior(4 – 7 Years)  

  • Junior(8 – 12 Years)     

  • Senior(13 – 18 Years)     

  • Adult(19 Years and above) 

Event category: events subcategory, how many events are there 

Please visit

Is the competition Live / recorded event? 

Most of the events will be recorded, some are live. Please visit


What is the Deadline for registration? 

30th September 2020 is the deadline for registration and submission of the competition files.

When are the Event dates? 

Registration starts at 12th September 2020 

Can I put more than one video for the same subcategory? 

Only one event can be uploaded per event sub category


Who to contact after uploading the video? 

Organizers will contact you via whatsapp once your application has been shortlisted. 

For any further questions, email 

How many events can I register? 

There are 32 events in total but not all events are available for all age categories, please refer URL for more details 

What is the time limit for each event? 

Different events have different time limits, please refer and select your event for futher details 

Rules and regulations for each category 

Please visit


Languages- which / how many languages 

The main languages for the competition are Malayalam and English. There are some events such as Arts where language is not required 


Is there any registration fee? 

For WMC members and Malayalam Mission members its free. For non WMC members, they need to take membership in the corresponding provinces to participate.


Is it only for WMC members? 

Members Of WMC provinces and Members of Malayalam Mission are eligible to participate.


In there a maximum limit of participants?

Yes, 100 participants/event/language


How many participants in each category? 

Yes, 100 participants/Event/AgeGroup/Language 


Can Participants register from Non-WMC provinces? 

No, only members from one of the province regions can register.


Can Organizers participate in the Events? 

No, Organizers of One Fest are prohibited from participating in the event they are coordinating, but their family members can participate. 



How can I volunteer / who can volunteer? 

To volunteer you need to be a WMC member, you can approach you province youth representative if you are interested. 

General questions 

How do we find out if you are a WMC member? 

The list of registrations are forwarded to the provinces, and they will manually verify if they are members or not 


Can a parent participate? 

Yes, we 19 Yrs and above is adult category and there is no upper age limit in this category 


When is the finale? 

The Finale is on 1st November 2020 


When are the results announced? 

The results will be announced on 1st November 2020 


Registration process 

  • Please visit and explore the various list of competitions, and their guidelines

  • Visit and fill in the form.

  • You can only register once, so make sure that you decide what are the events you wish to participate and then complete the registration.

  • Once you complete the registration you will get a notification email with your registration details and links to upload your video’s.

  • Uploading event file is a one time process, you can upload your videos only once, so make sure your video is final before you upload the video. 

  • Refer the Youtube video URL for further details 

IT questions

Whats the maximum file size that i can upload?

100 Mb per file 

From where do i register?

Which is the best file format that i can upload Videos for the competition?

You can use any one of the following file formats

  • .avi

  • .mp4

  • .mpeg

  • .mkv

  • .mov

  • .ogg