How To?

How to Register?

How to Upload Files?

  • After registration is completed participants will get an email notification (In the email that was used during registration)

  • The if multiple events where selected during registration the participant will get unique Participant ID's for each event.

  • Each event will have separate links to upload their content files

  • Click on the upload files link to open the upload files

  • Note:-

    • Make sure the event guidelines and submission guidelines are strictly followed before uploading the files. No compliance with guidelines will result in the application being rejected.

    • Files related to a particular event have to be upload specific to a particular upload link. 

    • Only one File file can be Uploaded per link

    • The size limit of each file that can be upload is 100 Mb, so make sure that your files dont exceed 100 Mb

    • The file submit link will only work one time, once you have successfully uploaded the content file, the link will expire and will no longer be active.

How to get Smaller File Size while shooting video in Android Devices?

Capture videos at 720p and 30 FPS or less if possible. WMC judgement is not based on video/audio quality but based on performance quality.

How to compress a video file using Free AVC Converter?

You can use any free download software or online file compression websites

AVC is a free software that can be used to compress/convert video files

You can download the software from the following link