Short video

Age Categories that can participate

  • Junior(8 – 12 Years)    

  • Senior(13 – 18 Years)    

  • Youth (19 - 45 Years ) 

  • Veteran (46 Years & Above)

General Guidelines 

  • This is a short film competition and hence ONLY Short Films should be submitted NO DOCUMENTARIES. The entries can be short digital animation films too on the topic. 

  • DURATION: The films shall not be more than 3 (Three) minutes (180 seconds), including the beginning and end credits. Films exceeding this time limit are liable to be rejected. The minimum length should be 30 seconds including credits. 

  • The film should have been shot/completed after 1st Sept 2020. 

  • The short films may be in their original language but MUST be subtitled in ENGLISH.  

  • Films submitted previously to any other festival will not be considered for this contest. If found later, will be disqualified for the contest/prize withheld. 

  • FORMAT: The films may be shot in MPEG4 or AVI format. The recommended ratios are 16:9 / 16:9 Full Height Anamorphic – in DV / HDV. 

  • COPYRIGHT: The Film must not contain any copyrighted work(s) belonging to third parties unless (1) Participants have a license to use such works in the Film, or (2) the use participants’ Film makes of such works is a fair one under the copyright laws. Participants will retain any licenses and provide them to organizers upon request. 


Evaluation Criteria 

  • capture quality 

  • performance skills 

  • editing skills 

  • sound engineering skills 

  • the storyline 


Submission Guidelines 

  • The participant should verbally mention their event registration ID at the start of the video. 

  • The video should be of good enough quality to view and hear the participant clearly. 

  • The Maximum File Size should not exceed 100 MB. 

  • Audio should be clear without any noise 

  • The submitted clips exceeding the time limit will be disqualified without notice and his/her application shall be treated as null and void.